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This rare timber grows in the Australian State of Tasmania. It's beautifully scented timber has a cream to gold colour and the trees can live well in excess of 2000 years. It is prized around the world for its unique timber properties and historical significance. The grain can vary from plain to heavily figured.

Originally it was extensively used in the early ship building industry because its natural oils prevent wood rot. This over use lead to excessive logging and, subsequently, the Huon Pine industry is now heavily controlled. No living trees may be cut and most of the timber now comes from stock piles and salvaged wood.

Huon Pine

'Mallee' is a name given to the ball like root of a group of dwarf eucalyptus trees that grow in the 'Mallee' regions of Australia. These areas, in Western Australia, NSW, South Australia and Western Victoria are prone to drought. The dryness and infertile soil in these areas cause the gum species to stunt and develop a gnarled root system. This root system was once only used as firewood but now it is highly prized by wood workers for its burl like, marbled appearance.

The timber is extremely hard and difficult to work with, but the beautiful grain, rich colour and stunning finish warrant the extra time and effort.

Brown Mallee/Red Mallee