Sue Walters Pyrography Kits

Chickadee & Pine CD Lesson

The Completed Project

  • Detailed Instruction
  • Burning Advice & Tips
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Numerous Instructional Photos & Illustrations

  • The Manual(PDF Format - 29 pages - Coloured Pictures - Links to YouTube Instruction Videos)
    In this Lesson Kit you follow me, (Sue Walters), Step-by-Step as I burn a Chickadee, Pine Cone & Branch. As I developed this project I took numerous photographs and detailed each step in writing to give the student the closest feeling of a hands on lesson that I could. In it you will learn how to outline, shade, create texture, burn gradient tone, scrape, highlight, create shadow, burn small feathers, 'fluffy feathers and head feathers, eyes, beak and other parts of the Chickadee. When burning the Branch and Pine Cone you will learn how light contrast can add drama and realism to a subject. All of this is done with the 3 most common nibs in a burners kit. Along the way I will talk to you about good burning techniques as well as passing on some tips and tricks that I have acquired over the years. On top of that I have included an 'Introduction To Burning' where I cover many aspects of good basic burning practices.
    The Result
    After completion you will be left with skills that can readily be applied to your future burning projects...allowing you to complete the project as many times as you like; for fun, gift making or profit! (All for the fraction of the cost of a personal lesson.)