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    G'day again all:)


    Welcome to The Pyro News #12.

    This issue has a theme of patterns. To help you make your own I thought I'd throw in free lightbox plans, designed by my good friend, Barb Kaminski. At my request, Barb came up with a design for a lightbox that even I could make! I've been using it ever since and it's fast become one of the most useful tools in the studio. To give you some reference to use on your new lightbox, I've also included 5 of my photos for you to print and use. Wolves are a big favourite for pyrographers to burn, so I've included 2 Wolf a Barn, an Old Wagon and a Heron. All are from my private photo stock and you're welcome to use them for your personal use. (That means you can print them and use them for your art work...and you can even sell the art work made from these photos...but you can't sell or distribute the photos or patterns made from them. I hope that makes sense.)

    In this edition I'm also announcing that I'll be attending the 2007 Woodburning Celebration Show and Competition in Pennsylvania, August 3, 4 and 5th. I's a bit of short notice to tell you, but I've had quite a bit on my plate lately and this is the first chance I've had to write in a while. Details of all that are below.

    I've got quite a bit to prepare before I head overseas, so I'd better make this short and get on with it.:) I hope you enjoy the newsletter.




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Your Free Lightbox
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In dedication to my dear Mum - Alison Walters. A good woman, now at rest.
17/3/33 - 21/4/07

2007 Woodburning Celebration Show and Competition

August 3, 4 & 5

Cook Forest Sawmill Center for the Arts
Cooksburg, Pennsylvania 16217
Phone: 814-927-6655
P.O. Box 180

    I know it's a bit of short notice, but I've decided to join Cheryl Dow's woodburning shindig in Pennsylvania, this August 3, 4 and 5. I'll be popping down with my good Canadian friends, Barb and Frank Kaminski. I'll be on hand all weekend to chat, give a few seminars and to introduce a couple of new products I'm releasing...yes...including the long awaited first Sue Walters Pyrography Workshop DVD.

    Mainly though, it will be a great chance to meet up with a bunch of keen pyrographers, in what appears will be a jam packed, interest filled, pyrographic feast. And I'm told the setting couldn't be prettier! It should be a wonderful time and I look forward to meeting with as many of you as can make it.

    As mentioned, I'll be giving three seminars, one each day of the show. As usual, I would like to jam as much of my knowledge into the time given, so this is what I plan, (will attempt), to cover: Tips and Tricks; Trouble Shooting; Basic Burning Techniques; Erasing Burning; Computer Use; Pattern Transfer; Burning on Different Materials (Leather, Tagua, Paper, Gourds, etc); Burning on Dark Wood…(Some use of colour); Negative burning and Dremel Work; Torch Work; Fur Burning; Texture; and Carving With a Skew. (Sorry, I won't be able to give structured classes during my time in the States....the seminars are the only lessons I can give.)

    If you would to like to know more information about the show, accommodation, location etc, please contact either Cheryl Dow, Dannie Smith or The Sawmill Theater

    To read more detailed information about the show please visit these web sites: Cheryl Dow's Show Web Page, Dannie Smith's Show Web Page & The Sawmill Website.

    Don't forget to enter something in the Pyrography Competition...well over $2,000 in prize money! (No, I won't be entering, but look forward very much to seeing all of the burnings.:))

    I'll see you there.:)


Coming Soon

In around 2 weeks I'll be releasing both the Sue Walters Pyrography Workshop DVD and the Pyrography Lesson Kit #5 - TIGER. Both releases will be announced on my home page at: Sue and in the Pyrography Shop.
I'll be providing preview snippets of the DVD and excerpts of the kit, upon release.


Your Free Lightbox Pattern
by Barb Kaminski

Because some of the free downloads are quite large, I've decided to put them on their own download page. That way I won't clutter up your mail box and you can choose only what you want. (Only take what you need helps keep down my download count. Thanks.)
Please click HERE to open you Free Stuff Download Page.


Your Free Reference Photos
Copyright Sue Walters

Again, because some of the photo downloads are quite large, I've decided to put them on their own download page. (Please, only take what you need, thanks:)

Please CLICK HERE to get your free photos.


2 New Pattern CDs

1) Wildlife Craft Patterns #1
by Sue Walters

I've gathered some of my archived patterns into a CD collection. Please CLICK HERE to see all of the patterns on the CD.
(Some of these patterns have been released in other formats and I want you to be sure you aren't duplicating patterns previously bought.)

Each design has both a line and a tonal pattern.

Peregrine Falcon - Deer Head - Racoon - Rosella - Koala - Deer Body
Wedge Tailed Eagle - Cockatoos - Kookaburra - Fairy Wren - Kangaroo - Pelican

Click HERE to look at the CD prices.


2) Sailing Ships, Carving & Pyrography Pattern Book
by Gary & Marie Crosby


Book Introduction - Types of Wood - Laptop Carving Bench Plans - 23 Sailing Ship Patterns
7 Lighthouse Patterns - 6 Fishing Patterns - 6 Miscellanious Patterns (Cannon etc) - How to Transfer Patterns

Click HERE to look at the CD prices.


My Pencil Work

High Realism Pencil Drawings

While I was taking care of my Mum I couldn't get away to burn too much. I did a bit of drawing during this time and I thought some of you might want to have a look. I'm only a beginner and many of the pieces have been left unfinished, but so far I've enjoyed the process very much.

Click HERE to look at my drawings.

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