Wildlife Patterns - BIRDS
Woodburning Celebration
Pennsylvainia, USA



Alex Yawor
Beautifully executed portrait work.
The subtle tonal range was expertly done.
Angelce Miskov (Macedonia)
Burnt on a surface of over 20,000 matchsticks!
Angelce Miskov
Each piece 6' x 4'
Bob Morris
Beautiful example of pyrography on a guitar.
Brandy Leigh Chewning
This was done from an original photo...I liked this very much.
Especially the texture of the material behind.
Dave Sanderson
Great example of paper burning.
Don Swonger
Wonderful example of leather burning.
Notice how leather burning suits 'rustic' subjects?
Took 2nd best of show...and he's a novice!!!
Don Swonger
(No Name as yet)
I like the stippled faux border.
Zengguo Qian
Guest exhibitor from the People's Republic of China.
Wonderful work.
Zengguo Qian
Terrific example of pyrography with colour.
Mr Blair Brown
Nova Scotia
Baltic Birch Ply, 11 x 8''
Poor picture by me.
Complex subject matter done very well.
Strong contrast levels.
No name yet
I really liked this piece.
The stippling technique suited the suject matter beautifully.
Danette Smith
A huge crowd pleaser!
Don Swonger
I also thought this technique was
terrific for the shiny subject matter.
Don won 5 Blue ribbons and 2nd Best of Show
Sandra Hercliff
A deserved Best of Show
The pyro/colour combination was excellent.
Stephen Caruana
'Island Park'
Extraordinary use of colour and pyro.
The dappled technique perfectly suits the subject matter.
Stephen Caruana
'Oil Lamp Still'
Excellent technique. I really liked the
detail of the reflections...
a scene within a scene.
Zengguo Qian
Another outstanding example of his pyrographic skill.