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Welcome to the 17th edition of the Pyro News.

In this edition of the Pyro News I'll take you step by step through a Gourd Quilt burning project. This project is so easy that even a novice burner can have a go!

This project and several more will be part of an upcoming new DVD of mine called 'Burning Textures & Patterns - Fun, Easy & Stunning!' In my new DVD I will explore the use of texture and patterns in some easy to do projects...I'll walk you step-by-step through each project, explore the possibilities and show you the pit falls. If you would like a no obligation email about when the DVD is available, please CLICK HERE for a reminder email to be sent to you.

That brings something else to mind and I'd like your opinion on it. I'm very keen to produce more DVDs. It's the closest method I can think of that compares to teaching you in person. The problem is that producing a lesson DVD like the Hawk project is incredibly time consuming. That means it's a long time between one DVD and the next. This also means that I can only cover a limited number of subjects over a given period of time.

I've been thinking about this and what I plan to do is to produce a series of bite sized DVDs. Each DVD will be around 30 to 45 minutes in length and will focus on one aspect of burning at a time. What I need to know is what areas to focus on...what are the priority subjects that you guys want to learn about? I'd really like your feed back on this. I considered doing a poll but that would mean I have to select a limited amount of subjects for you to choose. So, I'm seeking email feed back. If you have a subject/s you would like me to teach you please EMAIL ME and put the subject/s description in the body of the email. I won't be using these emails for anything but noting the subject and how many people vote for it. Thanks:)

Okay, it's time we got to the project at hand. As I have done before I am presenting this in 2 parts. For those of you with high speed connections, you can view a video on You Tube. Just click the play button in the viewer below to watch it. The video is just over 4 mins long and is a compilation of the process, set to music. The step-by-step lesson on the upcoming DVD is far more detailed. You'll have to put up with my voice yammering at you on the DVD as I explain things in detail;) For those of you that don't want to or can't view the YouTube video, I have taken some photos and written the article you see below.

I hope you enjoy the project.


P.S. Just a reminder that there will be a delay on orders placed at the Pyro Shop during the period of the 23rd March to the 1st of April. I'll be attending TurnFest at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast to conduct a series of seminars. All orders will be processed immediately on my return. (Thanks for your patience.) I look forward to seeing those of you who are going to the's shaping up to be a terrific event.



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Burning a Gourd Quilt

I always advise pyrographers not to think of their burning tools as just a hot pencil, but to keep in mind that burning tips are also a wonderful texturing tool. This will come as no surprise to those of you who have come from the carving fraternity, where you would have initially used your burner to detail feathers etc. But there is a growing group of pyrographers who have taken up burning purely for decorative purposes. Some of you might be unaware of the wonderful versatility of the simple task of repetitive pushing and the burning of patterns can produce a piece that is not only visually exciting but also texturally so.

To help people grasp the possibilities of texture I always encourage them to burn texture squares. Simply put, texture squares are burnt within ruled inch by inch squares. The idea is to use whatever tips you have, even if it's just a few, to burn as many different textures and patterns as you possibly can. Not only is this great practice for pen dexterity but it is also a wonderful way to learn of the full potential of your burning tips.

Many people comment to me how effective the finished texture board looks so, in this project, I've expanded the idea to completely decorate a gourd.

Click Here to View The project on YouTube or View on the Player Below.

You can click the link above to view the video on YouTube or you can view it on the player below. On the player you can also view 2 other free pyrography snippets that I have produced: Erasing Woodburning and Using the Spoon Shader.
(If you can't see the player it may be that the security settings on your browser are preventing it being seen. Look at the top of your browser page for an exclamation mark, here you will see a line of text explaining that contents on the page have been blocked. Click here for options and click 'Allow Blocked Content' if you wish to view the player. If you don't wish to do this you can click the text link above to view it on YouTube.)

The Project in Captions

Use as many different types of nibs you have to create different textures and patterns in the patches you have created by burning lines. Push, play, space, dig in, repeat...use your imagination...have fun!
Below I show you some examples of the textures and patterns I have created. The DVD will have a complete pattern map and instruction manual of how I produced each pattern for the various projects.

Varnish to Finish. I used a gloss spray varnish on this one.


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