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All Razertip Pens are unconditionally guaranteed for 1 year. All tips are unconditionally guaranteed for 90 days.


Razertip Pen Features

Razertip's standard pens are the smallest, most versatile pens made. Their fixed-tip heavy-duty pens are a bit bigger, but they will take punishment like no other. The #BPH Interchangeable-tip HD pen allows you to buy those "lesser-used" tips, or to make your own custom tips. All Razertip pens carry a full one year unconditional warranty (including fixed tips). Adapter cords are available to fit Razertip pens for use on other burners.

Standard Fixed-Tip Pens

Standard Fixed-tip Pen

Razertip pens have set the standard worldwide. Their standard pens are the smallest, most comfortable pens made today. They are ideal for any application where fine detail is desirable.

Heavy-Duty Fixed-Tip Pens

Heavy-Duty Fixed-tip Pen

With a larger pen body than the standard pens, HD pens are built for maximum durability. They have heavier connector posts and heavier tips. HD pens require a higher heat setting than most standard pens and are best used with a heavy-duty (HD) cord. While still capable of very fine detail, they are ideal for applications where the flat side of the tip is used (shading, quill-making, etc.) or in schools or clubs where inexperienced users can be hard on equipment. They are also prefered for burning/carving applications and when pushing hard to burn heavy texture.

All Razertip pens have earned a reputation for:

Dependability: Both Standard and HD pens are built to last a lifetime and provide dependable service. Should you ever wear out, damage, or even stop using a particular tip shape, your tip can be factory-replaced quickly and economically.

Comfort: These pens operate up to 5 times cooler than Razertip's previous pens. For high-heat users, the new pen bodies will cool off much quicker than ever before. You won't find a more comfortable pen anywhere!

Binding-Post Interchangeable-Tip Pens (BPH Pens)

Binding-post Interchangeable-tip Pen

The Binding-post Interchangeable-tip Pen is the most versatile pen available. Great for those who want to make their own tips or for those rarely used but still important tips.

Versatile: Make your own tips from almost any heating wire! Accepts almost any thickness of tip wire from 16-22 ga. as well as most Razertip® tips. You can even mount two tips in the head at the same time for double-line burning (HD cord recommended; higher heat setting required).

Dependable: Stainless-steel binding-post screws hold your tip wire securely against a double-slotted stainless-steel nut that is easily tightened with a small slot screwdriver. The screw can be removed to facilitate cleaning when necessary.

Comfortable: The binding-post screws and nuts on this pen act as an effective heatsink, slowing the transfer of heat from the tip into the pen body. The BPH is one of the coolest operating pens made today.

Note:  Tips made from wire over approx. 2.5" long will not get hot enough to scorch wood. For best results, keep your custom tips at 1.5" or less.


  • Laser-welded tips Less stress in manufacturing means that the industry's longest lasting tips will now last even longer! Every tip is now laser-welded into every Razertip pen.
  • Front Ventilation Ports No hot air trapped inside. Less contact between tip posts and pen body for cooler operation. Ceramic front plug (HD pens) & polymer plug (standard pens)
  • Mid-Body Ventilation Slots That hot air has to go somewhere. Slots are strategically placed not to interfere with comfortable operation.
  • Corrugated Front Pen Body Beneath the comfortable foam grip lies the exclusive corrugated pen barrel, with more surface area for better cooling. Less direct contact between the pen body and the foam grip also means cooler operation.
  • Comfortable Foam Grips Keeps your fingers comfortable while allowing for superb control.
  • Advanced Polymer Construction Using the most advanced temperature resistant resins available today, this pen is built to provide years of dependable service.
  • Tapered Rear Pen Body They are all about quality and comfort.
  • Rear Ventilation Slots (HD only) The new HD pen has additional ventilation at the very back of the pen for the coolest operation ever!

FAQs About Razertip Pens

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