Transferring Patterns  

Using the 73.07 - 7mm Transfer/Shader

1) Using this method, the image will transfer as a mirror of the original.
You can use computer software to mirror the image prior to printing.
When this mirrored image is transferred, it will then be the right way around
(I'm sure I could have made that sound more confusing if I tried really hard.)
Tip: Imaging Software is often used to manipulate photos to make patterns.
IRFANVIEW is an excellent free Image Software program.

2) Print the pattern on a laser printer or use a photo copy machine.
This method will NOT work using a regular inkjet printer.
Tip: Use freshly printed patterns. Old prints tend to not work so well.

3)Place the pattern face down on the project.
Heat the 73.07 to a good medium heat and then rub it over the entire back of the pattern.
You can move the tip in a sweeping or circular motion.
Tip: The heat doesn't have to be so hot
as to scorch the paper.
The paper will 'stick' to the surface when heated enough.
I have tested the 73.07 and, because of it's slight convex shape and polished surface, I also find it an excellent shading tip.
4)The resulting transfer is a mirror image of the pattern.
I personally find the transferred image too dark for pyrography purposes.
I tend to use graphite paper myself, but if you choose this method
I advise you to lighten the transferred design with a light sanding.
Tip: This is an excellent transfer method for carving.

A clothes iron or other suitable heating implement can also be used for the heat transfer method.
If you wish, you can view the 73.07 Transfer/Shader Tip on the Interchangeable-Tip Page or the Fixed-Tip Page.