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'Burning Night'  A New Pyrographic DVD Workshop by Sue Walters - Burnt on Poplar Slab


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Welcome to Sue Walters Pyrography. This site is dedicated to all things pyrographic and woodburning.
I hope you enjoy your visit here and learn a little something along the way.
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If you'd like to learn a little more about me you could visit the Bio Page.
Thank you and regards from downunder, Sue.


NEW! 20th Edition of the FREE Pyro Newsletter is now online. Positive V Negative Pyrography. New Free YouTube video

NOW AVAILABLE! Australian Wildlife Patterns cd This pattern CD contains 10 various Australian animals. Each animal has 4 patterns: 1) Colour reference 2) Line pattern (for pattern placement) 3) Sepia reference (for pyrography) 4)Black & White pencil (for tonal reference). The cost for 40 original patterns and images will be just $9.95 plus shipping. (A total of $13.95) You can see all of the patterns on THIS PAGE.

NEW! Dec 3rd 2012 'BURNING NIGHT' The Art of Negative Burning. A New Sue Walters DVD Workshop In this DVD I take you on an indepth exploration of the dynamic woodburning technique I call, 'Negative Burning'. In this 15 Part lesson I give you detailed video instruction while creating the project piece, 'Burning Night'. This DVD has been meticulously edited for maximum leanring. 60mins in length. Pattern included. $19.95 cost. HERE.

NEW IN FOCUS - 'Elephant Eye' has been blown up nice and big for a close up look at how texture is created by stippling.
NEW Free Video on YouTube. (Pyro Snippet #8). Positive V Negative Burning. Click here to view the video in youTube.

FREE VIDEO! 'Preventing the Dreaded Blob when burning' is now on YouTube.

NEW IN FOCUS - 'Burning Night' has been blown up nice and big for this close up look at a negative burning project.

NEW! The Pyrography Magazine (2012 edition) is now available for international sale. I have stocks in Canada and Australia ready for shipping. (The magazines are signed by Sue.) The magazine includes a 9 page step-by-step article by myself, entitled, 'Day and Night'. See more details HERE.

NEW! The Pyrography Artists Registry is now online. This page will highlight people who wish to be hired to do woodburning and other pyrography. If you wish to be included to the registry please use the Registry Sign Up Form.


It's absolutely free!

This edition: *Positive V Negative Pyrography *New Pyrography Patterns *Burning Night - A new Sue Walters DVD Workshop.


New! Razertip Woodburning System

Razertip Sales and Information Pages are now up and running!
We have burners for America, Canada and yes, Australia! (Power bases are available for other countries on order.)
Razertip is the brand I use and is the market leader in Woodburning Systems.
It has a guarantee you won't believe and we have it at a price that's hard to beat!
We have all the advice you need to make the right equipment choice.
Our unique Tip Burning Profiles let you see exactly how each tip burns.


Burning Profile Chart

A pictorial burning profile and full performance description of over 35 tip varieties.
I've run a series of tests on a variety of burning tips.
I've focused my attention on the 3 main decorative tip stypes of a wire nib burning system, the Skew, the Writer and the Shader.
The resulting chart gives a full description of the tip's burning capabilities, a picture of the tip and a life size burning profile.
This is an excellent resource for those burners who are confused about tip styles and their application.

Please visit the Interchangeable Tip Page or the Fixed-Tip Page to view the Burning Profile Chart.
New! Tip Burning Profiles

We've put together 9 different varieties of Discounted Pyrography Package.
The prices are truly surprising!
I am offering equipment packages full of educational material and helpful products because experience has shown me that people tend to buy burning machines, get them home and think, 'what now?' The machine either ends up collecting dust in a cupboard or its full potential is never realized.
The packages have been carefully designed to provide you with the leading pyrography equipment on the market AND the leading pyrography education on the market.

Please visit the Discount Package Page for a detailed description of each package and it's pricing.
Discounted Pyrography Packages
New! Tip Burning Profiles


Pyrography Workshop: Study of a Hawk
2 disc DVD set

by Sue Walters

DVD1: An Introduction to Burning - Techniques, Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting (Approx 20 mins)
DVD2: A one on one, step-by-step lesson on burning a Red Tailed Hawk (Approx 85 mins)
Including: a 16 page glossy colour booklet that includes two patterns for the hawk project, a photo of the finished piece, and an invaluable set of reference photos illustrating more than 60 textures created with just four pyrography tips.
For play on television and computers.
Suitable for all types of pyrographic machines.





The Pyro Newsletter

The Pyro Newsletter is a FREE newsletter by Sue Walters. See and read about the world of pyrography and woodburning. Includes news, tips, best pyro sites, updates, techniques, releases, interviews and more.
If you would like to subscribe, please join by clicking the link below.


(All Email addresses remain completely private and will never be passed on to other parties. The newsletter is total free of cost and obligation.)

Current Issue: Pyro Newsletter #19


This edition:
Burning on Beef Bone


Pyrography Education Books & DVDs

A selection of pyrographic lesson books and DVDs. Includes the bestselling Pyrography Workbook, by Sue Walters. Also by Sue Walters, the new 105 min Pyrography Lesson DVD.

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This gallery shows much asked about pictures and briefly describes the various pyrographic techniques used to create them.

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This page comes via many requests to see larger pictures. I am loath to reduce the load speed of the general galleries, so have created a 'focus' section where various selected pieces will be seen and discussed in more detail at the discretion of viewers.

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Here you will see the visual, step-by-step progression of past pyrographic pictures.

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Diary of Pyrography


Pyrography Tips

Some tips, tricks and advice about pyrography.

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Some advice about pyrography safety
Pyrography Safety



Pyrography on Wood

An assortment of monochrome and colour pyrography on wood.

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Visit a gallery of monochrome and coloured paper pyrography.
Pyrography on Paper
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Pyography on Tagua

Tagua, (vegetable ivory) burns with a unique feel and look all of it's own. View many intricate realism monochrome and coloured pieces.

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